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Christmas Fern

Sale price$49.99

Quantity 25 Ferns

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Francia McCormack
Healthy root balls

The root balls looked great. We will see how they do a year from now, but I am optimistic. Thank you!

Geoffrey Selling
condition of fern order

They arrived well packed and the correct number was included. A few more planting instructions (eg; depth) would help but I knew enough to manage it. the packing was good and I appreciated the reminder that these will not probably sprout till NEXT spring. This is for a fundraiser and I will share that information with all who purchased the ferns. None of the root clumps was measly. It WAS hard to read which kind of fern was in each bag because the black marker that had been used was obviously running out of ink. Make sure your staff uses a DARK marker so your customers know which is which. Finally, I would have appreciated a packing slip so that I could double check the order with the number of ferns provided. I didn't want my laptop in the planting area because of water and dirt. But all in all, this was a good purchase.

christmas ferns

We just finished planting 100 Christmas ferns. We were actually pleasantly surprised at how good these ferns looked. New shoots ranged from approx. 2 - 10". We separated the ferns, and let them soak for an hour, Drilled 100 holes, planted and watered them in = a piece of cake. They are already responding to their new home. I want to thank whoever dug these plants as there was virtually no damage to the new shoots. I've been digging and planting for 40 years and will be buying more of this product next year. We also received 100 V. Bluebell rhizomes and 100 Turks Caps bulbs. Everything looks perf! We are located in Pa. A big thanks to TWN!!

Kathy and Bill

Sara Jennings
Christmas Fern

This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

Amy Morris
Christmas Fern

Fast Shipping!

Christmas Ferns are a must for plant lovers. They're a beautiful type full of fronds that will make your house look lush and green during all seasons. They're also an excellent investment for any gardener who has been debating about getting one.

Christmas Fern Is Low Maintenance And Lives for Centuries 

Christmas is magical, but nothing can be better than having one in your home. But where to buy one? At TN Nursery, of course! We have that perfect one for you. Our native types are low maintenance and live for decades without even fertilizing.

What would be better for your planned decorations than getting one for your home? With so many places to buy one, finding the right one might take a lot of work.

Evergreen types are prevalent, and Fall and Winter gardens need them.

Christmas Fern Is A Evergreen Plant

One can plant it year-round, so your garden can always enjoy its beautiful greenness! They are perfect for Fall and Winter gardens or any other time of year when you want to enjoy them. They can be planted at any time of the year with the right conditions.

Christmas Ferns Are High Quality And Affordable 

Don't worry; we have you covered. We deliver high-quality and affordable types that last forever. Buying from T.N. Nursery means knowing you will receive beautiful green foliage year-round!

Do you want to spend only a few hours in the garden doing all the work? Are you trying to find an easy way to enjoy the beauty of Fall and Winter gardens without sacrificing time and energy?

Christmas Fern Requires Little To No Maintenance

The Christmas Fern is easy to grow and requires little maintenance. It's perfect for those who want a green garden but don't want to do all the hard work.