Plant Wildflowers In The Fall

The biggest reason to plant wildflowers in the fall is because when spring arrives your beautiful garden will begin to grow. In our opinion, fall is the best time to pre-plan a spring and summer garden. When spring arrives, all you will need to do is sit back and enjoy our wildflower garden's creation. There are so many varities of wildflowers, fern, and grasses. Also try to plant a variety in order to obtain spectacular color all spring and summer. Always include my evergreen fern and grasses for beauty and fillers. Planning ahead is always a good idea with everything, including your wildflower and fern gardens. Always try to envision what my plants will look like when they bloom. Also plan their location in the garden so that something will always be in bloom. Always mix your early blooming plants with my late blooming plants in order to always have bright vibrant color.