Sand Is An Excellent Option

Sand may seem like a natural enemy to gardeners, but this is a type of ground soil that can be useful in making the ground hospital for plant life. Sand can loosen up compact soil like clay to create a more fertile ground. The sand should be natural, sharp, and coarse enough to break up compact soil. Using play sand will only worsen the matter. You can find sand if you live near any coastal area, or you can buy sand from your local nursery or gardening center. Make sure the sand has course, sharp qualities and is not generic play sand. Before adding clay to your soil, make sure to loosen the ground and clear away any weeds, stones, or harmful insects. If you see earthworms, then leave them alone. Earthworms only are seen in more lush and fertile soil, but if you happen to see them, then consider their presence a godsend since that means that your soil is halfway fertile. Earthworms will help you provide a more fertile garden by making the soil loose and compact through tunnels and adding natural fertilizer to your soil. A wholesale nursery can help you choose large bulk quantity plants.

If you lack the presence of earthworms, it is possible to construct a fertile garden that will attract through presence through the use of sand. Once the soil bed is prepared, add a layer of sand across the garden bed. The layer should be 1-2 inches across the surface. You can use a rake to distribute across the garden bed evenly. Be sure not to leave any patches or empty packets throughout the bed. You will then begin tilling the soil and breaking up any compact dirt. The sharpness of the sand will be your best ally to till and loosen up the dirt. Use the proper tilling tools such as a spading fork or hand shovel as you prepare the ground. All areas should be even and adequately tilled, so be thorough. It will be quite a workout to tilling every part of the soil, especially if you plan to raise a large garden, but this will make your ground fertile and will be able to support any plant life. If the soil is still not loose and fertile, repeat as necessary to the point where the ground is loose and ready to support plant life. Add the necessary compost and fertilizer to help you as you grow.