Shop All Landscaping Plants for All Areas at Tree Nursery Co.

Shop All Landscaping Plants for All Areas at Tree Nursery Co.

As the Spring planting season approaches, everyone is so hopeful and excited. Of course, along with this anticipation comes anxiety. Every grower has many questions; we at Tree Nursery Co. can answer them all. You can put all of your apprehension to rest when you shop at TN Tree Nursery Co.

We are a family-owned nursery that has been in business for 57 years. We are in our third generation of expert growers here to answer all your questions and help you with your plant, flower, and tree needs.

Visit our website, and you will be amazed at the wellspring of information available there. Or you can call us and talk to one of the professionals.

There is also a contact form on our website if you use that.

The website shows videos showing how to plant various vegetation, including trees, ferns, and even live stakes. You can search for specific flowers or plants. Or you can search by categories, such as shrubs, vines, perennials, or moss. We even have specialty plants like Hummingbird Plants and Wetland Plants. Whatever you click on, you will find so much information that you will be astounded. Throughout the website, there is information about garden zones. You can even customize your search by zone.

We have over 3500 acres of flora. We use high-quality vines, moss, shrubs, flowering plants, and evergreens. Do you need a mosquito-repellent plant? We can help you. How about fast-growing trees? We’ve got those and can tell you which ones they are and what grows in your area.

Shop online, and we ship to you, either residential or business. We guarantee our quality and always give the best price. Please shop with confidence and have fun browsing our flowering plants or beginner plant packages.