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Trumpet Vine Plants

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Alan Gordon

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Allison Bradley
Trumpet Creeper

This looks so pretty as it crawls in spaces in your garden. I often have this view in my lawn.

Trumpet Creeper has many names, including the Trumpet vine, the Cow vine, the Foxglove vine, the Hell vine, and the Devil's shoestring. It is a woody vine that can reach nearly 40 feet and will encroach on all other plants in its growth path.

The Trumpet Creeper flourishes in dry soil enriched with plenty of organic matter. It is why it is found naturally as far south as the Gulf Coast and as far north as the plains of South Dakota. It means it flourishes in U.S.D.A. growing zones four through 9. It is a vibrant and robust vine that colonizes rapidly but develops stunningly beautiful flowers.

Trumpet Creeper has Beautiful Orange Blooms. 

These orange-to-ruddy flowers attract animal life like hummingbirds and add pure aesthetic beauty when cultivated for domestic purposes.

The leaves of this vine are woody but have a deep green hue. The trumpets can measure nearly four inches in length and are clustered at the ends of individual branches. Brilliant orange and red trumpet flowers are produced constantly during the summer months. This vine will produce attractive fruit pods up to six inches long before dormancy.

Trumpet Creeper looks great around older homes.

Some consider this plant a nuisance in temperate zones, where this vine is plentiful. This is due to its unique ability to flourish in urban zones where stone and concrete are prevalent. The Trumpet Creeper has been compared to the English Ivy because of its ability to spread outward and upward across stone surfaces. The difference lies in the Trumpet Creeper's gorgeous flower clusters. It is an ideal species for vine lovers because, once established, it tends to become a dominant plant.

The Trumpet Creeper is best paired with solid shrubs and hardwood trees. It also looks fantastic around properties featuring home structures that reflect older or historical periods. Anyone who cultivates the Trumpet Creeper should do so in direct sunlight. While the vine can grow steadily in partially shady areas, exposure to the sun will help coax the most visually pleasing yellow, orange, salmon, and deep red flowers.

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Trumpet Creeper is a Luscious Flowering Perennial

Trumpet Creeper, or Campsis Radicans, is a luscious flowering plant initially located on the East Coast of the United States. You can find it all over America, Latin America, and Canada. Despite its odd name, it is one of the more beautiful flowers available to plant, with red or orange petals that form a trumpet shape. In nature, it tends to thrive in forests and close to streams, but it is also a common garden plant. Its Latin name comes from "stems that take root." The Trumpet Creeper is lovely with its beautiful, bell-shaped blossoms in fiery red and orange hues and vibrant green, oval-shaped leaves.

Trumpet Creeper Will Make Lovely Additions to Trees, Sheds, or Fences for a Gorgeous Pop of Color

This flowering vine grows strong so beginner gardeners can achieve a gorgeous Trumpet Creeper in their yard or garden. It thrives in warm weather and spreads rapidly, clinging to growing whatever it can. It would make a lovely addition to a tree, garden shed, or fence, giving something ordinary a perfect pop of color. Gardeners should be sure to prune them religiously for the best results.

If you want to be visited by these pretty, shy birds, all you have to do is plant a Trumpet Creeper, and they will come to feast on its nectar, bringing even more beauty to your garden. Additionally, Trumpet Creepers adore the sun, so be sure to plant it somewhere it can bask in the glow for most of the day. Once your flowering vine is planted, its ruby-colored flower will be the envy of the neighborhood!

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