The Blooming Bloodroot

The Blooming Bloodroot

Bloodroot Plant Is Native to North America

Bloodroot is a fast-growing, blooming perennial plant native to North America. Often used as a ground cover, bloodroot plant sports showy, white blooms early in spring. The stem of the bloodroot plant contains a red sap that’s sometimes harvested to make dyes. However, all parts of the plant are toxic if ingested.
You often see bloodroot growing wild in the dappled light of deciduous forests throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States. It blooms low to the ground on short stems and features clusters of small, white flowers during its peak season. The blooms of the bloodroot plant have between 8 and 12 elliptical petals that sprout at the end of thin, leafless stems. A large plot of bloodroot plants makes a showy display for areas of your landscape that receive partial shade throughout the day.

Bloodroot Plant Prefers Rich, Composted Soil

The bloodroot plant is an American wildflower that prefers dark, loose soil enriched with organic compost such as dead leaves. If you replicate the growing conditions of a shaded forest, you’ll have no trouble coaxing the bloodroot plant into magnificent bloom. The seeds of this perennial plant are attractive to ants, which disperse them to help bloodroot quickly spread and multiply. It’s an ideal perennial for planting beneath trees and in other shaded areas of your yard. With little maintenance, this hardy native plant will take root and thrive, multiplying quickly to cover adjacent areas.

Bloodroot Plant Is a Spring Ephemeral


The bloodroot plant is called redroot, Indian red paint, sweet slumber, and butterwort. It’s rumored that Native Americans may have once used parts of this plant to induce vomiting. Even today, some herbalists collect the root and rhizome in the fall for use in herbal remedies. It should be noted that little scientific proof exists that the bloodroot plant has medicinal properties, however, and that the toxic parts of this plant should not be ingested.
The bloodroot plant is a member of the poppy family. It typically blooms 6 inches off the ground, cupped by a single, dark green leaf that sprouts at the soil level. It’s hardy in growing zones 3 through 9 as a spring ephemeral, which means it blooms early in spring and then goes quickly dormant until the following year. Gardeners love it for its early color. The bloodroot plant is one of the earliest plants to bloom each spring. However, its beauty is fleeting.

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