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Blood Root Plants

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Customer Reviews

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Reagan dachshund
Wonderful medicine

I am an herb junkie and I absolutely love this herb it can be used in all types of medicine.

Alexander Hernandez

These may be small but they are great for the start of my garden.

Tiffany Jones
Blood Root

They have beautiful blooms. They look great where I planted them.

Lucille Arnold
blood root plant

The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

Matthew Jackson

These are the cutest little flowers.

Blood root is the only species in its genus in eastern North America. Is it the closest relative? Snow poppies are found only in China. The species appears with various shapes in its leaves and white, yellow-centered flowers, but its juice is always bright scarlet, hence its name.

Blood Root is also Prized in Specific Capacities by Gardeners.

Double-flowered mutations are especially showy and last longer than the few days regular for sanguinaria flowers. They're considered lovely shade perennials blooming in spring and look home in woodland-like gardens and landscapes. Though their bloom time is short, they are relatively easy to collect seeds from, making them fun and easy to propagate. They'll flower for years with little care. 

Blood Root is a Charming Perennial

It is a charming perennial known as bloodwort, whose creamy white flowers open in the sun and close at night. It requires moist, humus-rich soil that drains well. Hardy is in Zones 3-8, and it prefers partial to full shade.

Each grayish-green stalk produces a single white flower centered with yellow stamens. It blooms from early spring through mid to late summer and spreads quickly, making it an ideal ground cover. Propagated through rhizome division or seed, this beautiful perennial will colonize and provide years of enjoyment in your landscape.

It Spreads Quickly, Making it Ideal for Ground Coverage.

Blood Root is a perennial that produces pollen but not nectar, so do not expect to attract sweet-sucking butterflies. However, the occasional bee may be lured in, searching in vain for something to swallow. Native Americans also found they could use it as a natural red dye to paint and color with.

Simply put, there are loads of opportunities with such a precious type! It will supply a beautiful white bloom.

It will give the gardens a very natural look. The blooms on this plant last for a short time, and they bloom in March and April. It can also work well as a ground cover around trees. It is fantastic because the seeds are carried and divided by ants.

Blood Root Is A Fast-Spreading Plant

It is a fast-spreading type and will look great in natural areas. When grown and blooming, it will provide a very natural look. It will do well where the soils are vibrant.

 It will be effortless to grow and care for. It loves moist locations and would grow well around bodies of water where sunlight is less.