The Trumpet Vine Offers A Bring Color to Your Garden


Trumpet Vine

The trumpet vine (Campsis radicans) is also called the trumpet creeper or hummingbird vine. It is a perennial and deciduous vine that grows fast. It can grow 30 to 40 feet in a single season.

It has large tubular flowers that can be three or four inches long and attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. The flowers can be yellow, red, or orange. They typically bloom in the summer and early fall. Trumpet vine produces seed pods that look like beans and are four to eight inches long. The plant also has dense foliage in which birds like to nest.

Trumpet creeper is a woody vine that can generally tolerate winter. It can grow in the USDA hardiness zones 4 -9. The hardiness zone indicates a plant's tolerance for cold winter temperatures. The lower the number, the colder the temperature the plant can tolerate. Also, the more comprehensive range, the greater the variation in temperature a plant can tolerate. Trumpet creeper is, therefore, a hardy plant that can grow just about anywhere in the continental United States.

Trumpet creeper is easy to grow and does well in sunshine and partial shade. It can be grown in almost any type of soil but needs a support structure. Fences, trellises, and poles could all work, but trumpet creepers should not be allowed to climb trees, for it could strangle their tree. Nor should it be allowed to climb up a house, for it might damage it. Trumpet creepers can also be grown along the ground to hide old tree stumps or rock piles.

The main requirement that the hummingbird vine has in the soil is that the soil needs to drain well. Trumpet creeper doesn't do well in puddles or waterlogged sites.

Once established, trumpet creeper needs little care. It will need watering, but it won't need fertilizer. On the other hand, it will need to be pruned to keep it under control. Most gardeners prune the vine in spring or fall. Removing the seedpods is also wise, preventing the vine from reseeding where it is not wanted.

The hummingbird vine is native to the eastern United States, but it also grows in the western United States, Ontario, and parts of Europe and Latin America.

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