The White Violet Plant is a Shade-Loving Perennial

The White Violet Plant is a Shade-Loving Perennial

The White Violet plant — Viola canadiens — is a flowering woodland perennial native to most parts of North America. This plant thrives in shady spots where many flowering perennials fail to flourish. Along with aesthetic value, it also provides erosion control and helps keep muddy patches to a minimum.

The White Violet Plants Does Well In Shade

White violets self-propagate freely and can quickly cover a large part of the forest floor as they ramble sweetly in all directions. Unlike their purple and blue counterparts, white violets catch the light and provide sparkle and shine throughout shaded areas. They're among the first flowers to bloom in spring when the heart is hungry for fresh signs of the earth returning to life after winter. With their long bloom season, these whimsical white woodland perennials can be enjoyed through early summer.

White violets are an excellent option for naturalized and shaded areas of the yard and even perform well in pots and hanging baskets, provided they are appropriately positioned so that they aren't exposed to sunlight for more than two hours per day.


The White Violet Plant Grows in Clumps and Thrives in Shady Spots


Homeowners use white violets at the front of perennial borders, under trees, along shaded pathways, and in neglected areas that don't receive enough sun for most flowering plants. They make an excellent groundcover due to their propensity to quickly self-seed. Because they're hardy little plants that return reliably every year, many home gardeners consider them an indispensable element of a low-maintenance yard and garden plan. As one of the few perennials that perform well in dense shade, they also can thrive when planted under Black Walnut trees — something any homeowner with a walnut tree in their yard will truly treasure.

The White Violet plant is also a cottage garden staple that brings an old-school accent to any garden design scheme, and it's versatile enough to cover a wide variety of uses. Even though White Violet is a woodland rambler that wanders charmingly along garden paths, they don't look all out of place at the front of a formal perennial garden.

The White Violet plant requires shaded conditions and rich, moist soil with good drainage. Pests and pathogens tend to leave this plant alone, making it a good choice for those seeking to minimize or eliminate chemical controls in their outdoor living space. White violets perform their best in cool, northern climates but can survive in warm-summer climates, provided they're given enough shade and water. Recommended for USDA hardiness zones 3a to 8a.


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