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Purple Violet - 25 Plants

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Customer Reviews

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Fred Lark

They started sprouting within 3 days fast delivery. Awesome company.

Anne Gollan

I have just received these, packaged with care and planted with love. I am excited to see them grow

Estella Moore
Sweet Violet - viola Odorata

I see this a shrub and accented with few of the green ferns which attractively displays its amazing complementation in my side of the house.


Violets: There might be no greater pleasure than spotting the first violets of the springtime. These adorable flowers grow throughout almost every USDA growing zone. While these perennial plants prefer semi-shade, they will also tolerate sunshine, especially if you have plentiful rainfall to cool them.

Violets are one particular flower among a large variety that includes verbena, catmint, violas, pansies, and bellflower. Your violets might turn out to be white, blue, purple, lavender, or blue-violet. You might even get a combination of two of these colors together. Seeing the color is part of the fun!

Better yet–violets are prolific bloomers that require little to no care from you.

Violets use in Your Landscape

  • Violets as ground cover plants: These plants grow by spreading from a robust underground root system. Once you plant them, they will begin to spread. Because they multiply relatively quickly, you can use them as a ground cover; however, remember their diminutive size and plan for plenty of plants to establish good coverage.
  • Violets add color to your garden: The stunning colors make them beautiful for adding color anywhere that needs it. They are charming when you plant them in front of an evergreen hedge. The contrast of the greens and the purples, blues, or whites makes a bold statement.
  • Violets in a border garden: If you want to add violets to your border garden, they will go to the front. Their full-grown height is only a few inches high! Despite their small stature, their eye-popping colors make them worth the inclusion.
  • Violets are perfect in pots or containers in an urban garden: City dwellers can enjoy these sweet little flowers. Placing large clusters in colorful pots or containers can make an enormous visual impact in a small urban garden.

The Charm of Violets

Violets have broad, bright green stems and leaves. They bear flowers in a wild array of colors. Each flower has four rounded petals measuring less than 1/4" across.

The overall height of violets is only three to four inches. They are cute and short but never short on color.

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