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Top Medicinal Plants Although almost everyone knows the healing properties of medicinal plants, many people don't know where to buy them or how to cultivate them in their gardens. It isn't that mysterious, though; plants have been used in medicine for centuries. Heart medicine contains extracts from common foxglove plants, and aloe vera has long been known for its beneficial effect on various skin conditions. Those who wonder where to buy medicinal plants may have to look outside the prominent home and garden centers in most communities because these establishments carry little beyond standard ornamental, vegetable, and herb plants.

Medicinal Plants

Because many homeowners don't have a medicinal plant nursery close by, online retailers are often the best option for those who want to purchase healing herbs such as goldenseal and black cohosh. Our site has an excellent selection of healing plants for both novices and experienced herb cultivators.

Black cohosh

Black cohosh, a member of the buttercup family, is native to North America and has a beneficial effect on menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, irritability, and general aches and pains. Native Americans have used its roots and rhizomes in medicinal preparations for centuries. Goldenseal is in the buttercup family and is used to treat the symptoms of cold and flu, urinary tract infections, and throat and chest congestion. Early settlers learned of the golden seal from the Iroquois tribe, and a favorite herbalist called Samuel Thompson highly promoted its use. As well as being ingested internally, goldenseal can be made into a salve and applied topically to the skin to alleviate conditions such as painful insect bites, poison oak, and ivy eruptions and wounds.

Most medicinal plants are quickly grown in average garden soil, and even those who have no outdoor space for a garden can grow them in pots on sunny balconies and patios. Our site is a reputable leader in the medicinal plant industry, offering quality herbs and information on growing conditions and uses.

Black cohosh