Trees For Spring Color

Everyone loves trees that produce fantastic fall foliage, but what about spring? Sometimes we want more than just green leaves, we want color and something different! Here are some trees to try out for this effect on your landscape or garden area.

The Redbud is an excellent selection. It grows best in climate zones four through nine and will have breathtaking pink blooms throughout the spring months. They will grow anywhere from twenty to thirty feet tall and spread anywhere from twenty-five to thirty-five feet wide. They are medium-fast growers and do well in full sunlight or partial shade environments.

The Star Magnolia is a favorite with its large and sweet-smelling white blooms that appear during the year's springtime. They are hardy and versatile and grow best in climate zones four through nine. They will grow from fifteen to twenty feet high with a spread of anywhere from ten to fifteen feet. They adapt and will look simply fabulous no matter where you decide to plant this tree.

Another favorite is the Saucer Magnolia. The flowers are saucer-shaped, giving it the name, and it grows best in climate zones four through nine. They are relatively fast growers and will reach heights between twenty and thirty feet wide. They love full sunlight environments and will look fantastic lining driveways or walkways at your home. Try one of these trees for spectacular spring color as well as beauty throughout the rest of the year!