Virginia Pine Tree: The Perfect Addition to Your Forest and Landscape Design

Virginia Pine Tree: The Perfect Addition to Your Forest and Landscape Design

If you are a Christmas tree enthusiast, you have probably seen a Virginia pine tree. Other people call it the Jersey pine, the spruce pine, or the scrub pine. It is a popular choice for Christmas trees because of its low branches. This evergreen tends to do well in eroded and dry soil. Notably, it is smaller than other pines – it only grows to around 15-40 feet tall and 8-14 inches wide. It is also worth mentioning that its long fibers are a good source of wood pulp.

  • Taking Care of Virginia Pine

Do you know those plants that do well in areas where nothing else will grow? That’s the Virginia pine tree for you. It is so easy to plant and care for.

Planting seedlings or saplings about 20-25 feet apart is the best way to plant Virginia pine trees. Be sure to stake them until they are old enough to withstand the wind. You can plant trees in an area with full or partial sun.

As mentioned earlier, Virginia pine trees thrive in dry and barren soils. That also means there is no need to buy fertilizer for your trees. Ensure that the ground has a neutral to low ph. You have to water the trees adequately in their early stages, but you don’t have to worry much about watering once they establish themselves.

  • Pruning the Virginia Pine Tree

The Virginia pine tree is known for its rugged growth pattern. But you can prune it to achieve a tidier look, such as when you want to use it on Christmas. For best results, ensure you prune and shear your Virginia pine tree in its annual growth flushes. Consider leaving the pruning to a professional who knows the correct timing.

  • Ready for Virginia Pine Tree?

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