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Shortleaf Pine Trees

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Size 1-2'
Quantity 25 Trees

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Shortleaf Pine is a member of the Southern Yellow type family of trees and is the most widely seen type in much of the Southeastern U.S. In its natural habitat, this type is found in 22 states, from the Northeast to the Central Plains and Southeast. They will tolerate colder soil temperatures than many of the other types in the family.

This type can grow in many different environments and tolerate colder soil temperatures than many of the other types in the family.

Shortleaf Pine Thrives In Many Soil Types

This type can grow in various soil types and begins to produce seeds or fruit when it matures around 12. This type is well known for its ability to make an attractive crown at its top that only produces a small amount of width.

Shortleaf Pine Has Stunning Pine-Cones

The short limbs of this Shortleaf Pine are topped by attractive cones each Spring to early Summer. Fruit production is essential to producing more saplings, with the female version of the flower being brown and the male a deeper purple color.

Shortleaf Pine Is A Stunning Evergreen

This evergreen does not produce leaves but has several flexible types clustered in two and three from a single sprout. A significant type for the lumber industry, it is often scaly and dark across its trunk when young.

As The Shortleaf Pine Gets Older The Wood Turns A Yellow Color

As it ages and matures, it produces a smoother appearance, giving way to yellow-light brown wood beneath when the outer layer is removed. The ease of growth of this Shortleaf Pine is one of the main reasons for its success across the southern portions of the U.S.

Shortleaf Pine

Hardy Planting Zones - Six to Eight

 Bloom Season - March to April

Bloom Color - Cones in brown and purple

Height at Maturity - 100 feet

Soil Type Preferred - Moist, sandy loams

Sun or Shade - Full sun to partial shade.