Water Plants Are A Lovely Addition

Watering is a necessity when it comes to helping any plant thrive. Sometimes it is hard to tell when a plant needs watering. They cannot speak to you. Just like humans, plants need water to survive. Watering times vary from plant to plant, so it is always best to consult a nursery representative to find the proper watering periods. Some plants need lots of watering, but plants like cacti and watermelon patches need little watering since these plants store plenty of water within.

When it comes to watering plants, always check the nature of the soil. If the soil feels too muddy, you are overwatering, and if it feels dry or sandy to the touch, add more water. Ensure all the water is absorbed into the soil. No pools of water should sit on top of the soil. If that happens, your soil pot is not draining correctly, and you may need to tip your pot over to get rid of any excess water. If you fear watering too much, purchase a pitcher with holes at the tip of the nozzle to water lightly. It all depends on the type of plant, but purchasing whichever size pitcher or jug will best suit your plant’s watering needs.

You can even fill up a water bottle regularly and place it beside the plant you want to water. Be sure to set a schedule if you are forgetful when it comes to watering plants. Set up a timer that will remind you that your plant needs watering. You can also place any visible house plant to remind yourself to water plants regularly. If you forget to water your plant, add a little extra water, so your plant is caught up, but do not drown the plant. Make sure potted plants have a sound draining system, so your roots do not drown in excessive water.