Will Donate Plants To Research Or Federal Wetlands

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Donates Plants To Universities & Disaster Stricken Areas

Plants add a welcome boost to any indoor or outdoor space, providing benefits ranging from mitigating indoor air pollution to beautifying a backyard. Tn Nursery is a tree farm and plant nursery based in Tennessee that offers specimen quality plants at wholesale prices that can be delivered to offices, businesses, or homes. All orders are made online, and Tn Nursery ships its products all over the U.S. However, this is not all that Tn Nursery does. The company also donates some of its inventory to non-profits, universities, and governmental organizations that need specimens to experiment or study, Will Donate Plants to Research or Federal Wetlands.

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In addition to supplying its customers with quality plants, Tn Nursery has been donating plants for research for 61 years. So far, more than 419 universities, governmental organizations, and non-profit groups have benefited from this service. The nursery offers over 500 different herbaceous, wetland, and medicinal plants that can and have been used in projects for the medical field, environmental studies, and lab experiments. Since the specimens are available year-round, regardless of season, and are grown without pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides, they are perfect for scientific experimentation and research. Some organizations that have received donations from Tn Nursery include Harvard University, Yale University, a joint project conducted by Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford Universities, Rhodes University, the University of Minnesota, and Michigan State University. The plants have been used for studies in space, the fight against disease, plant hybridization, controlling stormwater runoff, urban sustainability, and more. The types of plants on offer include all kinds of trees, including fruit trees, vines, shrubs, Mosses, ferns, evergreens, perennials, and berries. Most plants are shipped ready to plant, but some can also be sent as seedlings. That allows researchers to study the plants from any stage of life. Scientists Study Natural Remedies so that students can learn more.


As the donation and shipping of plants are free for governmental organizations, universities, and non-profits, Tn Nursery does not reimburse its service. The company is glad of the opportunity to help with potentially life-saving or world-changing experiments and only asks that the nursery is mentioned on their donees' websites.

If you are involved with a non-profit organization, university lab, or governmental agency that needs specimens to conduct a study, you can reach Tn Nursery for donations at tnnurseryorders@gmail.com. You can also visit the nursery's website at https://www.tnnursery.net/pages/we-donate for more information regarding plant donations.