Burning Bush Makes a Fall Favorite Foliage Hedge

Burning Bush Makes a Fall Favorite Foliage Hedge


Burning Bush Makes a Fall Favorite Foliage Hedge Bush

When looking for the best plants to consider when putting together a fall hedge, the burning bush plant must be high on the list. This beautiful hedge bush plant gives excellent color and a unique look that blends well with the vibrant hues of autumn, turning a primary home into s show stopper on the block.


This plant gets its name for a particular and stunning reason. This hedge bush will look mundane throughout the year, blending in with the plants and trees around it, and then fall comes, and everything changes. The plant becomes imbued with rich red, looking as if it is on fire. It will shame the fall colors changing on nearby plants, drawing the focus of all who see it. The bold color lasts for just a short while, so many people make a point of getting out to see this plant as soon as the change comes.

How to Plant

This plant thrives in most climates and environments, making it very easy to plant and care for at home. The plant does prefer a sunny spot and moist soil, so choose a place that gets good sunlight and then ensure the ground is wet enough. The plant also prefers soil with acidity, but, as previously stated, the plant will adapt to insufficient sunlight or soil. However, full sunlight is needed to ensure the plant reaches its most comprehensive, reddest color, so consider this when searching out a spot to permanently place the plant.

How to Style

Styling this plant as a hedge bush is one of the fun parts of working with a burning bush plant, as it lends itself well to so many looks for the fall. Of course, it looks beautiful on its own, but why not style it up with some accents perfect for autumn? Start by adding cheerful mums around the bottom of the plant for a pop of yellow. Then nestle in a few pumpkins for a bit of whimsy. An accent like a bale of hay adds the finishing autumn touch.

The burning bush plant is a breathtaking aspect of nature that looks stunning when paired with other charming motifs from fall. This plant can dress up a front yard and invite all who pass with its warm, fantastic color.

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