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Beech Trees

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Size 1-2'
Quantity 25 Trees

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The beech tree is a stunning native to North America. It originated in the hardwood forests of the eastern seaboard and became a favorite across most U.S.D.A. growing zones. Today, it flourishes from the woods of Maine to northern Florida, west as far as Oklahoma, and across Texas to the Mexican border.

Beech Tree Care Requirements

As a forest native, it prefers full sun to a partially shaded spot in your yard. It also loves rich, woodsy soil and sufficient moisture without overwatering.

The Beech Tree Is Draught-Tolerant  

Once it establishes its roots, this tree requires little to no care and can survive on minimal rainfall. But first, you would do well to amend the soil with hardwood mulch and give it about an inch of water each week. After it matures, it is drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, cold-tolerant, and disease-resistant.

The American Beech Tree Reaches 60-80 Feet Tall

It is a medium-height type with a mature height of sixty to eighty feet wide and a canopy measuring forty to sixty feet across. The crown forms an attractive and vibrant domed shape. The trunk can reach as much as three feet in diameter and has a relatively smooth, attractive gray bark.

The Leaves And Stems Of The Beech Tree

The oblong leaves of the Beech tree alternate on the zig-zag stem. They measure up to five inches long and two or three inches wide. They have toothy margins and tend to cluster towards the tips of the branches. The leaves are deep, glossy, and lighter green on the bottom.