Weigelia Shrubs Can Enhance The Landscape

Weigelia Shrubs Can Enhance The Landscape

Deciduous Weigelia Shrubs


Weigela shrubs are decorative, ornamental bushes that enhance any garden landscape. Placing a deciduous shrub in your garden is beautiful because of the abundant flowers that appear in the spring and the foliage that can be as much of a decoration as the blooms. Reaching a height of about 4 feet will produce a round effect in each of the bushes, making them a perfect solo piece.

Planting Weigelia Shrubs

Planting these abundant bloomers will add attraction to your garden for the visiting hummingbirds, giving an extra treat for the gardener. The long-serrated leaves reach 2 to 6 inches making this shrub beautiful long after the flowers have disappeared. Weigela bushes tend to spread, so when planting this ornamental variety, remember to allow room to grow. A smaller bush that allows free-form growth or adapts to pruned hedge rows also.

Weigelia Shrubs Will Transform Your Garden

Weigelia Bush Specs:
Zones --- 5 to 9
Mature Height -- Approximately 3 to 4 feet at full maturity.
Mature Width -- Approximately 3 to 4 feet at full maturity.
Sunlight --- Full to partial sun.
Soil conditions -- Average soil conditions.
Botanical family name -- Caprifoliaceae.