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Bald Cypress Trees

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Size 1-2'
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Taxodium distichum, or the bald cypress tree, is a Native American evergreen species. Before cultivation, it occurred naturally across most temperate U.S.D.A. growing zones.

Bald Cypress Tree Has Rot-Resistant Wood

Early colonials found it in many areas, from the marshlands and swamps of the eastern shore of Maryland to the lower Mississippi River region. They cultivated it because its rot-resistant wood was sturdy enough to build barrels, homes, and railroad ties.

Today, growers across the United States love its adaptability, year-round greenery, easy care, and lovely shape. T.N. Nursery recommends this type for gardeners who need something to plant in constantly wet, poorly draining soil.

Bald Cypress Tree Grows in Marshes

The bald cypress tree loves soil with a heavy moisture content and abundant organic matter. It even thrives in marshes and swamps! When you plant yours, select a full-sun location.

It makes a lovely species to plant in these locations:

  • Near a creek or stream.
  • On the banks of a pond.
  • In a slow-draining spot in the yard.
  • As a feature in a water garden.

The Bald Cypress Reaches 50-70 Feet Tall

The evergreen tree grows to a mature height between fifty and seventy feet. If in water, the species develops knobby-looking root growths, or knees, that appear just above the water's surface. This species grows to a pyramid or triangle shape with a slightly rounded top. Mature branches have a subtle but attractive drooping form.

The bark presents as a dark reddish-brown with thin, peeling scales. It bears small, feathery-looking, linear leaves almost an inch long. Tiny, pale lavender flowers bloom in the middle of spring; however, they sometimes go unnoticed to the fullness of the evergreen branches.

The Bald Cypress Tree Does Great In Wetland Gardens

If you have a slow-draining spot in your yard that stays wet almost always, the Bald Cypress tree could be an ideal solution.