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Blue Flag Iris - 25 Plants

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Blue Flag Iris

The Blue Flag Iris is a herbaceous perennial that blooms in May and June each year. It has distinctive violet-blue flowers and can reach a maximum height and spread of two and a half feet. This showy flower is known to be resistant to deer and rabbits. It can grow in shade and sunny conditions, making it a versatile ornamental plant.

A member of the Iridaceae plant family, the Blue Flag Iris is known to be native to the eastern portions of the United States. This hardy perennial goes by its formal horticultural name of Iris Versicolor. It is regularly used for naturalizing areas and will flourish in low wet spots. This plant is beautiful to bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other songbirds.

Blue Flag Iris is a versatile Perennials

You may hear this plant called the Northern Blue Flag or the Harlequin Blue Flag. It's comprised of distinctive blue-green foliage that is sword-like. This plant's stems are crowned with delicate bluish flowers at their apexes. They can range from a light to a deep tone, depending on the specific variety. Inside the flower will be whitish-yellow markings that create a unique, colorful contrast.

An easy-to-grow option, this plant is perfect for aquatic conditions where many other plants can't grow. Its striking colors will surely bring brightness to any location you choose to plant them. With a rhizome makeup, this plant will spread fairly quickly in different soil conditions. It's considered to be a moderate grower.

Used as an excellent foliage plant, the Blue Flag Iris will have luscious blue-green leaves from the early spring to the late fall. It will go dormant when the frosty winter weather arrives. However, you'll see this perennial grow back up in the early spring to bring a sense of beauty to your chosen landscape.

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