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Blue Lobelia - 25 Plants

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Blue Lobelia Plant

The Blue Lobelia brings a unique pop of blue freshness into any landscape design. This hardy perennial is easy to care for and very versatile in its application. You can expect its bright blue flowers to bloom in the late summer and attract various butterflies, bees, and hummingbird species.

You may hear this plant referred to by many names, including Lobelia Siphilitica, Blue Cardinal Flower, Great Lobelia, and Great Blue Lobelia. This pollinator perennial boasts large, bright green foliage that can reach a height of two to four feet and a spread of one to two feet. This upright flowering plant will have clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers that sit at the apex of its long stems.

Blue Lobelia Plants are Shade Thriving

This hardy plant will flourish in many different environmental conditions. It's native to the eastern and central parts of Canada and the United States. The Blue Lobelia is a member of the Campanulaceae family. Its bright green leaves will have a spearheaded appearance with uniquely serrated edges.

When its flowers bloom in the later months of fall, this perennial will starkly contrast other plants in your garden. Each flower is a bright blue color that is parted into two more extensive lip segments. The upper lip is split into two segments, and the lower lip into three segments. This creates an ideal landing pad for all these bumblebees looking to pollinate.

This perennial has a fibrous root system and is resistant to deer and rabbits. It's widely used to add vertical interest to landscaping designs. This herbaceous, showy plant and its deep-hued blooms have a reasonably moderate growth rate, allowing it to multiply to fill open space. Its densely packed clusters will provide a prominent introduction of much-needed color into any garden setup.

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