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Blue Vervain Plants

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Blue Vervain or Verbena hastata is a perennial flower prized by gardeners across the United States for its casual good looks and ability to flourish in highly humid, sunny conditions.

Blue Vervain Has Many Names 

If you have never heard of it, you may know it as one of its other common names. Some gardeners may call it one of the following:

  • Azure verbena
  • Simplers joy
  • Swamp verbena
  • Swamp vervain

Blue Vervain Does Great In Water Gardens

This species is a North American native wildflower that grows naturally in sunny meadows near ponds, creeks, riverbanks, and marshlands. Its affinity for tolerating clay, sand, and other high-humidity conditions makes it ideal for a water garden or as an ornamental on the banks of a pond.

As a native species, Verbena hastata requires almost no care if planted in the correct location—full sun to partial sun with moist soil.

Blue Vervain Can Reach 5 Feet Tall

Blue vervain forms sturdy, upright stems that can grow to an average mature height of three to five feet. Each stem has large, opposing green leaves that are long and narrow in shape. The edges of each leaf have a slightly toothy-looking appearance.

While the stems and leaves attract, the tubular flowers steal the show. Delicate purple flowers form on a tall spike at the top of the stem--opening at the bottom first and working their way up. These flowers have a long blooming cycle, starting in the middle of summer and lasting until the end of summer, with only a few petite individual blossoms opening at any given time.

The stunning Blooms Of The Blue Vervain

Despite its name, the flowers are not azure but azure-violet to purple. The flowers have a fantastic light floral aroma that is unforgettable but not overpowering.

Consider blue vervain if you have a creek, stream, pond, or water garden on your property that needs a perennial that loves full sun to partial sun. It will flourish in those conditions. Order your Verbena hastata from TN Nursery today.