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Carpet Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Customer Reviews

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Raymond Jackson
Peat Moss 5 sq ft.

Its moisture keeps the soil refreshed. This can accent up ferns in your garden

Joey Anniston
Hypnum Moss 5sq ft.

I can spread a sheet of cloth for a non busy day picnic just in front of my yard. This carpet like moss has been in my yard for so long.

Martin Scott
Carpet Moss 5 square feet

I have this installed last summer and is doing well until now. No signs of dryness. Loving this in my mini garden

Test, just a test

Hello. And Bye.

Amber Willougby
Carpet Moss

This looks great planted in the ditch!

Carpet Moss is one of the Most Sought-After Ground Covers.

Carpet Moss's vibrant green color and soft texture (hence the name "carpet") make it stand out. A well-established bed of carpet moss is one of the closest things you will ever find to a natural picnic blanket: soft and comfortable to lie on and resilient enough to take it. But they also form a beautiful counterpoint to rock gardens or tree groves. There is a long tradition of using carpet mosses in, for instance, Zen gardens: their smoothness and stillness impart tranquility that rustling grasses do not.

Carpet Moss has no Roots, and this allows it to Grow Over Terrain that Other Plants Cannot (such as Solid Rock Faces)

In the wild, carpet moss tends to increase on stream beds, around trees, and among rocks. It prefers a relatively well-shaded and moist environment. Though once established, carpet moss can tolerate a broader range of conditions. In particular, Hypnum species are not picky about their soil substrate: they can grow on a solid block of granite.

As a ground cover, carpet moss is often grown from "plugs" spaced across the area intended to be covered. It is essential to thoroughly weed the field before the moss bed is fully established and, if possible, to avoid disturbing it. While being established, carpet moss should be kept moist.

Carpet Moss has some uses beyond the ground cover

Historically, dried carpet mosses were once used as down-to-stuff mattresses and pillows. More recently, carpet moss has been used as a framing element in many flower arrangements. Still, more recently, tufts of carpet moss have been used as decorative elements on their right, formed into balls or set in bowls, bringing a little piece of Zen gardening inside your home.

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Carpet Moss is Ideal Ground Coverage

Carpet Moss – Hypnum curvifolium. Carpet Moss is an ideal ground cover for landscaping needs. It produces a dense, green "carpet," which helps prevent soil erosion and beautifies the land. It is one of the 20 Hypnum species in the United States, and it grows well in moist climate areas and near forested areas. It is an ideal accessory to complement flower arrangements and has serrated-type stalks. This plant produces both sexually and asexually, making it versatile. In addition to growing over the soil, it will also grow over rocks and fallen or decayed wood.

Carpet Moss is a Low Growing, No Maintenance Plant

This moss is as tall as an inch high with a hairy appearance; Carpet grows in large clumps but in sheets. Carpet Moss is low maintenance but has specific areas and can't grow outside of those areas. This plant can grow on most soils, rocks, and wood as it remains shaded and moist. Carpet Moss has shallow roots and cannot damage by walking on it.

They are most commonly found under trees and in shady areas. This moss can have a bright green color, but it will turn a dark brown as it ages. The edges of the leaves are serrated and look parallel to each other as they grow. This moss can reproduce with both a male/female or by itself.

Carpet moss gets its name because it looks closely similar to carpet. Carpet Moss is small, green, soft, and bushy. The carpet moss resembles the old timely shag carpet because it fluffs. This moss grows in clumps and has shallow roots. It grows low to the ground and does not require maintenance once planted. The carpet moss is low-lying, covering an area in no time with its fast-growing, spreading shag.

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