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Chestnut Oak- 25 Trees

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Size 3-4'

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Chestnut Oak Trees

Chestnut oak trees are is known for having giant leaves and deep-green leaves. It could be more attractive to some people if it had more colors throughout the year.

Love Chestnut Oak Trees? Do you want to make your backyard more beautiful?

This tree is hardy, fast-growing, and drought-tolerant. Furthermore, it can thrive in areas where other oaks can't. Already water-wise and easy to maintain, you'll never have to worry about your chestnut oak tree going dry. It's also great for erosion protection! Plus, over 200 years of beauty in your lawn and tons of shade.

Chestnut Oak Trees are Drought-tolerant and fast-growing; this tree will be the perfect addition to your yard or garden.

 For those needing a sturdy and stable tree that can withstand the harsh conditions of nature like wind, snow, and ice, this is the tree for you! Chestnut oak is a beautiful tree that can exist in harsh conditions other oak types can't handle. Rich in flavor, the chestnut oak's acorns are a staple food for squirrels, deer, and other woodland creatures. Chestnut oak's acorns are a staple food for squirrels, deer, and other woodland creatures. 

Their strong branches are perfect for building furniture with low-quality hardwood like pine. The chestnut oak can also be grown as an ornamental tree or windbreak. The chestnut oak is perfect for any backyard landscape! Not only will it grow taller than other white oaks, but it also has a more pleasant smell than its counterparts.

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