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Chinese Chestnut - 25 Trees

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Chinese Chestnut Tree (Castanea mollissima)

Chinese Chestnut Tree: Castanea mollissima, aka the Chinese Chestnut Tree, is a mid-sized tree that thrives in either full sun or partial sun. Many people grow it for its delicious nut--a crispy and slightly sweet treat.

The Chinese Chestnut Tree takes its name from its native country, China. Although an Asian native species, the tree is hardy and well-adapted to grow in the United States. It grows in most USDA growing zones, is deer-resistant and drought-resistant, and is not fussy about soil types.

Chinese Chestnut Uses in Your Landscape

The ChineseChestnut Treeperforms well in almost every kind of soil. It does not require special care other than adding fertilizer or organic matter twice a year and an inch of water each week.

The tree grows as much as two to three feet in a single growing season so you will see significant growth each year. By year five, it usually produces its first batch of chestnuts.

The chestnuts are a little milder than American chestnuts. You can harvest them for roasting, baking, or boiling. They are delicious, and a real treat for nut loves. On the other hand, some growers prefer to leave the nuts in the trees and watch the local wildlife--birds, squirrels, and chestnuts--go crazy feasting on them in the autumn.

The Chinese Chestnut Tree Is an Outstanding Specimen

The Chinese Chestnut Tree is outstanding addition if you have an Asian-themed garden or as a focal point specimen. It grows approximately sixty feet high and forty feet wide.

The trunk is sturdy, medium brown in tone, and splits into several lovely, asymmetrical branches. The oblong leaves are yellow to golden green, eight inches long, four inches wide, and have serrated edges. The leaves turn a lovely soft hue of yellow in the fall.

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