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Cushion Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Breyer
Cushion Moss 5 sq ft.

Lovely soft spongy mosses around the center of my garden. Trying out to accent with mini ferns and mini flowering shrubs. Excited to see it fully grown this summer.

Chase Brandon
Cushion Moss

This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

Cushion Moss grows in Soft, Dense, and Spongy Cushions.

Cushion moss is pale green and has a white sheen when dry. When it’s watered, the light green color returns. It makes a beautiful green carpet on commercial and residential properties when installed. It is also fantastic in terrariums. Because of its round shape, a gardener can use cushion moss in many beautiful ways along walkways, trees, and woodland gardens. Adding sculptural interest to a fair and shady Japanese garden is just the thing.

Cushion moss does well in sandy soils and poor, acidic soils that are kept moist.

Cushion Moss grows anywhere in the world that’s Cool, Shaded, and Somewhat Damp.

Unlike other plants, moss doesn’t produce flowers but spores after a complicated reproductive process. It has neither roots nor vascular tissues and has to secure itself to the ground with rhizoid filaments. Rhizoids allow the plant to be easily broken up and transplanted. Because it doesn’t have vascular tissue, moss has to get nutrients from the water.

Cushion Moss is a lovely, cool moss.

How to Plant: Remove all other plant life from the area, dig in two inches of peat moss, and drench until the field is muddy. Gently rinse the clump of cushion moss, then add it to the area. Press to remove any air pockets.

It is shipped as a bare-root plant. You can keep cushion moss in the refrigerator or even the freezer until it’s planted.

Cushion Moss is a soft plant.

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