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European Ginger - 25 Plants

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Customer Reviews

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Carter Robinson
Good quality

I got these and they had good quality. I cant wait to see what the spring will hold with these plants

Barbara Jones
Arrowleaf Ginger

This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

Melody Blaine
Arrowleaf Ginger

They look great where I planted them.

Michael Saraota
Arrowleaf Ginger

The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

Gary Lopez

Beautiful in the shaded area in our lawn.

Arrowleaf Ginger is a Native Perennial Plant that also goes by the name of Asarum arifolium

Arrowleaf Ginger plants can grow anywhere from six to eight inches in height. A full-grown Arrowleaf Ginger is 8 inches to 15 inches wide. It has big, beautiful, green, glossy leaves with an arrow-shaped point on the end of the leaf.

This plant produces a thick, dark purple flower bloom. The leaves of this perennial are scented. People often get arrowhead Ginger mixed up with another Wild Ginger plant. The Wild Ginger plant is also known as Asarum Canadense. The Wild Ginger Plant is shorter than the Arrow-leaf Ginger.

Arrow-leaf Ginger is Deer Resistant

Shaded areas or even those with partial shade are ideal for planting Arrowleaf Ginger and allowing it to grow. The best time to look for bloom from this plant would be in the earliest parts of the summer season. It does take a grower who owns the trait of being patient, as this plant can take some time to spread, bloom, and grow fully. The green on this plant is a deep, rich, and beautiful shade of green. The best area to grow this plant would be a wooded area.

Arrowleaf Ginger is poisonous if eaten.

The soil needed to grow the Arrowleaf Ginger is moist to wet soil and loamy. Even though this plant looks good enough to eat, it is not to be ingested by this poisonous plant. This plant is mainly found growing in the southeast region and northeast regions.

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