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Fan Clubmoss - 25 Plants

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Christy Jarret
Fan Clubmoss Running

I did my orders on this kind of moss. Apparently my excitement is burning on since I have prepared my area for its installation.

Fan Clubmoss Running Cedar Is An Excellent Choice For Any Garden

Fan Clubmoss is the perfect ground cover, and it is also environmentally friendly because it absorbs toxins. Hardy planting zone from 4-9 provides the best growth potential.

Also known by its scientific name, Diphasiastrum digitatum, this plant is part of the Lycopodiaceae family. This moss is thick and boasts a rich green appearance. It grows well in almost any environment and only needs minimal sunlight.

Sprouting usually occurs between July and October.

This moss can be traced back over 410 million years and is known as one of the first identified vascular plants. This plant is found in eastern North America and Canada, then as far south as Florida.

Fan clubmoss was used for various medicinal purposes, according to Native Americans and early European settlers.

The leaves are beneficial in helping with urinary tract problems, diarrhea, headaches, and even inducing labor. The spores are used in fabric dyes and pill coatings.

People who use parts of this plant should be aware that the spores are also highly flammable due to the oil content. One should handle spores with great care.

This moss shoots straight up with horizontal stems ranging from 3-8 inches. The fan-shaped moss releases spores as opposed to seeds. Because it has no flowers, pollination is not required.

Maintenance is pretty straightforward. This moss needs very little to survive and thrive. It is also tolerant of drought, heat, and cold. Fan clubmoss is excellent for preventing the spread of grass and other invasive weeds. So it can mix with other plants with no problem.

This type of moss only needs to be planted once. Even in the worst conditions, they manage to grow back every year. They also keep your other plants in the garden safe and healthy by removing toxins in the soil.

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Another excellent use for fan clubmoss is the prevention of soil erosion. Specifically, moss has worked wonders in mining areas by extracting soil toxins and pollutants. The plant can also absorb about ten times its weight, making it ideal for flood zones.

This moss is not cultivation friendly. Attempts to transplant it from one area to another have proven highly unsuccessful. It is likely due to the slow spore growth, which can take up to 20 years.