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Hop Hornbeam - 25 Trees

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Hornbeam Tree (Carpinus caroliniana)

Hornbeam Tree: Carpinus caroliniana, the hornbeam tree, is a deciduous landscaping tree native to the eastern United States. Gardeners love this tree, which grows in most USDA plant hardiness zones, for its compact shape, narrow trunk, and large, leafy crown.

The short-statured hornbeam tree is a cousin to a larger tree, the American beech tree. Like the beech, the hornbeam tree loves moist soil, full sun to filtered sun, and is resilient against drought.

Carpinus caroliniana is heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, and pest-resistant. Plant it in an appropriate location in soil amended with hardwood mulch and give it an inch of water each week. Thehornbeam tree is undemanding and requires very little care.

How TN Nursery Customers Use the Hornbeam Tree in Their Landscape

TN Nursery customers love this adaptable, easy-care tree, putting it to use as a feature in the following settings:

  • Butterfly garden or pollinator garden: The springtime flowers attract early-season songbirds, butterflies, bees, and moths.
  • As a specimen in a small yard: The petite size of the hornbeam tree makes it the perfect specimen for a smaller property.
  • Understory tree: Some pair the hornbeam tree in the filtered shade of taller species to fill empty spots in their yards. Because it loves partial shade, it's an ideal understory tree.
  • Urban garden: The small scale of the hornbeam tree--especially its narrow trunk--means it can work in an urban garden setting.

Hornbeam or Carpinus caroliniana Has Several Common Names

Besides hornbeam tree, you might hear these other names for Carpinus Carolina:

  • American Hornbeam
  • Blue Beech
  • Ironwood
  • Musclewood
  • Muscle Wood
  • Water Beech

The Hornbeam Tree Proves the Adage True: Great Things Really Do Come in Small Packages

Carpinus caroliniana reaches only twenty to forty feet tall at maturity, and the rounded canopy is about the same width. It has a slender, gray trunk that has a proportional appearance to the height and a ridged texture.

The leaves are blue-green on the top and paler underneath. Each leaf will be between three to five inches long and up to two inches wide. Leaves are oval, alternate along the stem, and have serrated edges. Small yellow flowers appear in the springtime.

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