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Kousa Dogwood - 25 Trees

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Size 3-4'

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joanna Orange
Nice quality dogwood

I received my order, and it was packaged well. The tree was of great quality. Will definitely be ordering again.

Thomas Jones
Loved my Kousa Dogwood

Very Satisfied with my selection. Looks great with my landscape.

Bernie Ward
Silky Dogwood

Pure and clear. This shrub creates a peaceful atmosphere in your garden.

Kousa Dogwood Tree Hardy from zones five to eight

Kousa Dogwood tree is a popular option for visual interest in any exterior space.

The hardiness zones of this tree make it easy for many homeowners to enjoy with little care and maintenance needed, apart from regular watering.

The canopy of the Dogwood species makes it easy to create a beautiful exterior space because of the intertwined branches of its wide canopy.

Hardy in most areas

Kousa Dogwood tree requires watering to give the foliage the deep colors that make it so popular.

The deep green leaves and attractive bark make this a famous tree that grows slowly to a medium rate to make pruning an easy task.

The tree is famous in areas with harsh winters, including New York State, where it has become naturalized.

Beautiful Foliage

The deep green foliage of this tree is the reason for its popularity. In the Spring, the feel of green foliage is the main attraction, followed by a beautiful late spring array.

In the Spring, between May and June, an array of star-shaped white flowers sits above the green leaves. The leaves and flowers of this tree fall to the ground in the Fall to leave a clear view of the beautiful bark.

An Interesting Bark

As the leaves of these Dogwoods fall, a view of the impressive bark is captured. The bark has been described as appearing like a jigsaw puzzle during the Fall.

Many owners of these trees choose to prune the branches in the Fall to better view the bark. Another reason for pruning the branches is to promote new growth in Spring. In the Fall, the leaves of the tree transition to deep purple and red colors.

Slow Growth

One of the reasons why this Dogwood has become so popular is the slow rate of growth it enjoys. The tree will grow between 12 and 24 inches per year in perfect conditions.

Slow growth rates make the tree a good choice for areas with power lines and those who want to keep their exterior space under control. By the time this tree reaches maturity, it reaches around 25 feet in height and width to create a canopy ball.

Native to Asia

This tree is native to parts of Asia, including Korea, China, and Japan.

The tree was brought to the U.S. in the mid-1870s and has become popular along the East Coast.

The fruits of these trees have become a popular food for squirrels and birds throughout the U.S.

Kousa Dogwoods are for sale online at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Co.