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Orange Daylily - 25 Plants

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Customer Reviews

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I'm not rating you, but I gave a 5 star so I can critique. Two of the photos of this hemerocallis...

I'm not rating you, but I gave a 5 star so I can critique. Two of the photos of this

Mika Laureen
Such good prices and great quality

These are wonderful blooming plants I ordered 39 of them and put them around my house some of them even bloom dark purple I love these so much thank you so much Tennesse wholesale nursery

Aiden Jackson

These are so full of color they just make everything pop

Gail Fryer
Orange Daylily

They have beautiful blooms. They look great where I planted them.

Rebecca Bice
Orange Daylily

These have amazing blooms.

Orange Day lily will Bring Beauty to Any Environment.

Orange Day Lily is a Vibrant Orange Blooming Perennial.

Orange Day lily is a native flower of Asia but has increased in North America; one of its names is the "Common Lily." Because they do so well in wet soil, you can plant daylilies in those areas that other flowers may not be suited for. Just because they are "common" doesn't mean you shouldn't plant a few in your flower garden. These are hardy little beauties and do well from zones three to nine. They take little care and fend for themselves. The flowers are orange and tend to be large, some as big as three and a half inches in diameter.

The daylily leaves are long and slender, somewhat like grass, and are from twenty-four to thirty-six inches high and droop about halfway up. This fact alone makes for a pretty addition to any flower garden. Daylily flowers are held on their stalks semi-erect without sagging downward.

Each flower has three petals and three sepals that are very similar in look in a beautiful warm orange that rolls out and under at the tips. The flower's throat is yellow, around a bit of red. Because the fibrous root system forms clumps of leaves and flowers, they exclude other plants, so weeding is minimal.

Orange Daylily is Low Maintenance, Hardy Addition to your Landscaping and Flower Beds

The plant is a perennial that produces violently orange flowers, and emerald green leaves in the blooming season. It is clump-forming and can slowly spread on its own to fill areas and act as a semi-evergreen ground cover. It is particularly cold-hardy, though, in mild winters, it is likely to begin blooming somewhat early. The flower is an excellent plant in your landscape because of its bright, vibrant bloom that it can give you come spring to summer months.

They do their best to get six hours of sun per day but can handle a lot of shade. They bloom from late spring to early autumn and make excellent cut flowers for vases. These Orange Daylilies are a perfect addition to that spot that is hard to grow or for any place that needs a colorful filler.

Buyers should note that a daylily will almost certainly bloom the first year it plants but is likely to reach its full height the second or the third year after planting. These beautiful flowers can grow up to eighteen inches tall and bloom through the autumn months if the weather is good.

They love to be located in moist and well-drained soils and bring many spectacular colors in bloom. These plants are elementary to grow and are beautiful perennials as they grow back each year after being planted. They usually grow back thicker than the year before. They supply a natural look and feel and look amazing when added to gardens and natural areas.

Orange Day lily is well-known for its vibrant, orange blooms that you can sometimes see growing along roadsides around the country. It is an extremely hardy, adaptable perennial that does well in almost any soil type, whether in the sun or shady gardens.

They will grow around 48" tall and up to 20-24" vast, so they need space to reproduce when planted. Butterflies and hummingbirds love them. However, they require little to no maintenance. Besides its deep orange trumpet color, it also has long, slender leaves and works wonderfully to add texture and color to a flower bed, borders, or natural area.

Orange Day Lily is For Sale at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery with Quick Shipping and Low Prices

Botanical Latin Name: Hemerocallis

Common Name: Orange Daylily

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Mature Height: 1'

Spread 2-4."

Spacing: Grow in Clumps

Growth Rate: Perennial

Flowering Time: Day to Night

How Long It Flowers: 24 hours

Flower Color: Orange

Soil Requirements: Drought tolerant

Pruning: Requires none

Flower Form:

Hemerocallis, the Greek name for "beautiful," are native to Eurasia. Part of the family of cultivars, Orange Daylilies are a widely seeded flower found throughout the Far East. The genus has become popular globally because of the robust quality of the stalk. Fragrant flowers make it a vital choice in hybridization programs. As Orange Daylilies bloom several times within one season, they are selected for their natural care and abundance in growth for public gardens and outdoor displays.

Orange Daylily grows in clumps and is an Abundant Grower in Public Gardens.

Each flower has a crown that blooms for a limited 24-hour period. Long, brilliant green, lanceolate leaves fan and arch from the stems. Growing to a height of approximately a foot tall, Orange Daylilies are a regal perennial subject to continuous growth in various climates. Orange Daylilies are known for their proliferation by cloning and replicating their parent source's bio-constitution. The flowers bloom adjacent to the former. The thick roots of the Orange Daylily are optimum for storing food and water.

Orange Daylily is a very pleasing perennial to look at

The Orange Daylily is a plant that will grow in a clump or colony. All the flowers will be on a long, slender stem that rises from the center of the factory. It is a wildflower and a perennial. It has long, bright green foliage that is pleasing to look at. The blooms are a brilliant orange color with a yellowish center and are pretty significant; There is usually more than one flower on each stem. Orange Daylily has perfect flowers for any garden.

Orange Daylily Ships as Bare Root

Orange Daylily is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping