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Ostrich Fern

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Gary Sanchez
Ostrich Fern

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Ostrich fern can grow 6 ft high and almost as complete, making this plant the size of a bush. These plants love shade and moisture. They can lose their color in the summer if they are not protected from wind and hail, so they are near walls and house sides. This plant is edible and is considered a delicacy among individual nations.

Ostrich Fern Is Very Lush. The Foliage Is Stunning

One of the lushest and most beautiful plants, the plant gets its name from the distinctive plume of leaves resembling bright green spray Struthio camelus tail feathers.

The leaves of this plant usually grow to be about three feet long and curve gracefully at the tips, and the plant itself is nearly equally broad. The new leaves are called fiddleheads since their shape is similar to that of a violin stem. 

The Ostrich Fern Does Amazing In Water Gardens

It does beautifully near a pond or water feature and quickly grows through Underground Runners, making it an Ideal low-effort ground cover.

Damp, shady areas with fertile soil are excellent, and they serve equally well for borders and slopes as a backdrop for flowering plants such as daffodils and iris, whose bright flowers stand out against the robust foliage.

Ostrich Fern Fun Facts 

Common Name: Ostrich Fern or Shuttlecock

Sun Exposure: Prefers full or partial shade

Mature Height: Can reach a height of 5 feet

Spread: Aggressive Spreading Plants

Spacing: 24” to 36.”

Growth Rate: Medium to fast

Flowering Time: non-flowering

How Long It Flowers: non-flowering

Flower Color: fronds are medium green

Soil Requirements: moist and sandy, well-drained

Pruning: Carefully break off any dead or brown fronds as soon as they appear

Ostrich Fern Can Reach Up To 5 Feet Tall

The Ostrich Fern stands vertically from a crown and then sends out lateral stolons or horizontal plant stems, which form new crowns. The front is long and tapers down to the base of the plant. It also tapers to the outside tip and resembles plumes, thus giving the plant its name. It usually grows between 2 and 3 feet tall but can grow to 5 feet tall.