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Early Elberta Pearch - 25 Trees

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Size 3-4'

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Fruiting Peach Tree Advantages

Fruiting peach trees: When most people think of peach trees, they think of the ornamental variety grown for its showy flowers and not for its fruit. However, another type of peach tree is explicitly grown for its fruit. This variety is called a fruiting peach tree and offers many advantages over the ornamental variety. Fruiting peach trees are an excellent choice for those looking to harvest flavor-rich peaches in their backyard. Wide varieties available, such as Earliegrande Peach 2-4' and China Pearl Peach 2-4', provide abundant sweet-tasting fruit. Unlike ornamental peach trees, fruiting peach trees produce fruit that can be eaten fresh, canned, or even used in recipes.

Fruiting peach trees also offer an excellent opportunity to attract wildlife to your yard.

Birds and bees are attracted to the nectar-rich flowers of these trees and will often feed on the ripe peaches. This is beneficial for those interested in creating a more welcoming backyard habitat.

The flowers of fruiting peach trees are also beautiful and fragrant, adding an extra layer of beauty to the garden. They bloom in early spring, providing a splash of vibrant color while their sweet fragrance fills the air with its pleasant aroma. This is especially nice if you live in an area with few flowering trees.

Finally, fruiting peach trees can be harvested for their fruits from late summer to mid-autumn. You can also enjoy fresh peaches all winter long if you choose a suitable variety. This makes it a great addition to any garden and offers an abundance of flavor-rich peaches you can enjoy throughout the year.

The advantages of fruiting peach trees in landscaping include the aesthetic value of the flowers and leaves and the flavor of their fruit. The fragrant blooms in early spring provide a splash of vibrant color that can be enjoyed throughout the entire season.

If you want a delicious and hardy tree to add to your garden, consider planting a fruiting peach tree. With its beautiful flowers, abundant fruits, and attractive wildlife-attracting features, it will surely be a valuable addition to your landscape.

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