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Pin Oak Seedlings - Package Of 100

Sale price$99.99

Size 6-12"

Customer Reviews

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Tony Blinken
Pin Oak Tree

One of the most very easy to manage, plant and maintain tree that can just grow in your yard. Am happy with mine.

Kellie Springer
Pin Oak Seedlings

These look great where I planted them.

Pin Oak seedlings are unique and robust trees that enhance any outdoor space. They turn breathtaking colors through the seasons as they change to Bronze, Rust, or Red. There is a little magic around everyone you plant.

Pin Oak Seedlings Is A Fast Grower

These are trees that will grow fast. During their early years, they will take on a pyramidal shape. They become large, oval-shaped, dominating trees that stand strong and proud. They grow around 60' to 70' with up to 45' spread.

Pin Oak Seedlings Loves Swampy Soil

These are excellent for wetter soils and are a natural part of swampy terrain. The bark on it is thinner, and the furrows are shallower than its cousins. Its leaves are very close in resemblance to a Scarlet, but they tend to be a bit smaller.

Pin Oak Seedlings also have beautiful, red-tinted wood that is very strong. Many who live in swampy areas may have seen the acorn and not even be aware that it was produced from it.

The Pin Oak Seedlings Are Stunning In The Fall

Early maturity pyramidal shape, turning Oval as it matures

Great Fall Colors

25' to 45' Spread

Grows 60' to 70.'

Botanical Name for it - Quercus Palustris

You should check the zoning areas where it will grow best. Giving a local nursery may help you decide whether or not the area you reside in will sustain one.

Pin Oak Seedlings Reaches 80 Feet Tall

If planting one is an option in your area, it is attractive. You will love your lawn because of the beautiful color it will add during the summer and fall seasons. This tree is a great plant to have around your yard. It can grow up to 80 feet in height. The Pin Oak seedlings provide incredible summer shade and many gorgeous colors in the fall.