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Reindeer Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Reindeer Moss (Cladonia ringiferina)

Reindeer Moss Cladonia ringiferina is a species native to northern and eastern North America.

Gardeners love this unique moss for its interesting texture and almost airy appearance. But more importantly, gardeners love how this resilient species can make itself comfortable in virtually any soil and climate.

How resilient is Reindeer Moss? If you traveled to Alaska, you could spot it on the Arctic Tundra, where water is too saline for most plants and frozen most of the year. Conversely, it grows through USDA growing zone 9 to the warmer temperatures in the driest parts of the south.

TN Nursery recommends this species for those who live in dry climates with limited access to water.

Reindeer Moss Is Ideal for Arid Environments

Do you live in an area with frequent water restrictions? If you love the look of moss but cannot water it, Reindeer Moss may provide just the solution you need.

Most mosses prefer a cool and moist climate. But Reindeer Moss is a xerophytic species. What does that mean? Xerophytic plants prefer arid climates and prefer a low-humidity environment. Cladonia ringiferina's density is best on dry sites, and its abundance decreases with increased moisture.

Live in a Challenging Growing Environment? Try Cladonia rangiferina

Reindeer moss grows in unexpected places, such as:

  • From rocky outcroppings
  • In dead moss
  • From woody debris or dead trees
  • Arid, desert regions
  • Deep boreal forests.

Reindeer Moss Has a Lovely Appearance and an Alluring Texture

Reindeer Moss has an otherworld appearance, with branching filaments resembling a reindeer's horns. Let's not stop the reindeer metaphor there. The colorful green stems give way to creamy white branches, giving those reindeer horn branches a snow-tipped look.

As the rootless plant develops, the branches' weight will appear like a mat that sprawls lazily across the ground.

This beautiful species can grow to about four inches in height and reach a diameter of about two feet.

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