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Running Cedar Plants

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Diphasiastrum digitatum, or Running Cedar, is a moss that grows in the shadiest habitats. The entire team at T.N. Nursery is proud to be one of only an elite group of horticulturists cultivating it.

Running Cedar Has A Mossy Texture

It takes its name from its unique, other-worldly appearance. This moss is an ancient, perennial with leaves that resemble tiny clubs. The leaves have an interesting mossy texture and a scale-like appearance. They are lance-shaped, with a sharp-looking point at the tip.

 Running Cedar Makes A Great Ground-Cover

Someone might encounter this low-growing mossy plant in coniferous and oak forests. It dots the floors of densely wooded areas, making dainty little pine trees appear in the most unexpected places.

Running Cedar Is A Evergreen

Conversely, Running Cedar also grows contentedly along shady spots in coastal areas. Generally, it lives in temperate regions of North America. You should have excellent results if you keep this moss in a full-shade place.

Running Cedar Can Be A House Plant

A sometimes overlooked application of Running Cedar is its usefulness as a houseplant. Houseplants add natural charm to any room with low sun exposure. A lack of a sunny windowsill makes houseplant success somewhat challenging, and this moss could be an excellent remedy.