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    Vibrant Foliage

Silver Maple Trees

Sale price$89.99

Size 1-2'
Quantity 25 Trees

Customer Reviews

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Michael Burrows
Silver Maple Tree

Such a wonderful color when sunlight hits its leaves. I have of this selection in my backyard. A Very lovely sight.

Sammy Hayes
Silver Maple Tree

This is a wonderful addition to our yard. Looks great where I planted it.

The Silver Maple Tree is One of the Most Common Deciduous trees in North America.

The Silver Maple tree is native to just about everywhere east of the Mississippi River, from the Florida panhandle to Canada. The Silver Maple is one of the fastest-growing deciduous shade trees available and is a frequent purchase for residential and commercial landscaping. The familiar five-prong leaves quickly identify the Silver Maple with broad, angular notches.

The silver Maple Tree is distinguished from other Maple trees by the slight silver coloration on the underside of the leaves and the bark on the trunk. With the slightest bit of wind, the tree will appear to glimmer in the sun from this unique coloration.

Silver Maples produce clumps of leaves that can be red, yellow, or green and provide a colorful assortment in the spring. The Silver Maple is relatively tolerant of soil types but prefers fertile, moist soil that is slightly acidic. Once they establish a robust root system, Silver Maples are also resistant to drought and flooding.

Silver Maple Tree Produces the Most Important Seeds of all Maple varieties.

Each seed is accompanied by a pair of three-inch wings that provide a means of propagation. Its acceptance of various soil types and fast growth have made the Silver Maple a staple yard tree for hundreds of years.

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