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Sycamore Trees

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Angie Jaden
Perfect on a farm

These trees are the trees you see growing in the middle of a field the perfectly round very big trees I love mine I ordered from here thank you so much Tennesse nursery

Sycamore- Platanus occidentalis, the tree grows to a mature height of 75 to 100 feet at a rate of about two feet per year. Young trees exhibit a pyramidal shape but develop a spreading crown as they grow to full size.

The trunk can grow over ten feet in diameter and is red to brown near the ground, light grey to white, and mottled nearer the top. Young spring foliage is cream-colored, while mature leaves in the summer are vast and medium to dark green. This tree provides a beautiful yellow autumn color. It boasts gorgeous, reddish, round clusters of seeds that hang singly or in pairs in the winter.

This tree provides a beautiful yellow autumn color.

Sycamore Tree is hardy in zones 6 through 10. Although this tree prefers deep and rich soil, it will tolerate poor conditions and a wide range of acidity. The sycamore tree grows in most types of soil and requires little maintenance. You can remove dead branches any time of year.

Spring is the time to prune branches that droop into walking areas or over roads. The sycamore is native to the eastern U.S. and hardy in zones 6-10. It is a massive and sturdy tree that withstands adverse weather conditions like hurricanes and ice storms.

This tree can grow into massive specimens. When deciding where to plant them, it is advised to keep this in mind. They are long-lived trees, so plant them where you want them forever—many species of birds like to nest in sycamores.

Squirrels are often seen climbing and sunning on the tops and higher limbs. Human families are also attracted by the sycamore's cool shade and natural beauty. The stately sycamore can become the focal point of a yard, and its mottled bark contrasts the typical grey trunks of companion trees.

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The Platanus occidental is the American sycamore with heights between 80-130 feet tall. It has an extensive spread of branches, making the tree almost as complete as it is tall. The faint light green leaves with 3-5 lobes will vary in the number of teeth or points on the 4-7-inch-long blade.

The large leaves make it the perfect tree for a shade tree option, with brown leaves for fall color. The blooms of a brown ball-formation seedpod appear in spring and vary in color depending on the variety. Many trees have a single ball developing on a thin twig-like branch, while others have two.

Sycamore Tree grows best in zones 4 through 9 and Produces Excellent Shade and Beautiful Fall Foliage.

It has bark that sheds. As the tree grows, it can have colors from green to dark brown because of the shedding process it goes through as it develops. The branches on the top of the tree are white. It is hardy from zones 4-9. It will grow well in most pH levels as long as it is in well-drained, deep, fertile soil. It is expected to see the sycamore tree along the banks of trees.

Sycamore Tree is a California native tree.

Partly due to the seed balls falling from the tree and finding a spot along the bank downstream to set roots, The Platanus racemosa is a variety of sycamore native to California. The tree characteristics are similar, but the California variety has a maroon-red ball that appears in spring, and the fall colors are more of a yellowish-reddish-orange blend. The sycamore is a large shade tree that will cover a large area of the yard.