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Tall Phlox - 25 Plants

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Joey Spencer
Creeping Phlox

I so love this perennials in my lawn. I got the bests landscape when it blooms.

Trish Mayhew

I had some difficulty getting my package timely and was a little stressed. I did not know that a signature was required and I live in rural community so had to get to the pot office. It woudl be nice to have planting instructions come with the bare roots, this is a new process for me and slightly daunting. Luckily I have been obsessively researching the process. I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed. The product was moist and I am hoepfull for a great result.

Dylan Hill
Beautiful Healthy Plants

They are easy to maintain and you don't have to do much.

Vanessa Roberts

This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

Venetta Kim

They have beautiful blooms. They look great where I planted them.

Tall Phlox is a high-growing ornamental perennial, perfect for border placements in landscaping

Tall Phlox, known as Phlox paniculata, is a favorite perennial due to its color and size. The Garden Phlox blooms most of the year while giving off a fragrance. The flowers do not need much upkeep once they have been planted. Just plant them in your garden or yard; the plants will easily and naturally do the rest. The flowers tend to bloom from mid to late Summer and have colors ranging from all shades of pink, lavender, salmon, and purple, giving you a beautiful assortment of full, lush flowers to cover up your entire yard. The Garden Phlox usually has no problems such as pests and diseases.

Tall Phlox Blooms Delicate Pink in Spring and Summer

Phlox paniculata is the most prominent plant from the 1900s to the 1940s. The flowers were more known in North America, but the Europeans were the ones who recognized the potential of the flowers as far as breeding them and creating all different kinds of blooms in the plants. After experimenting with the flowers, the Europeans would ship the new forms of the flowers back to America. Two notable names from America have experimented with the flowers: Karl Forster and B.H.B. Symons-Jeune. These Americans are known for creating over 800 varieties of the flowers we know today.

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Today, there are over 4,000 varieties of Hosta and over 68,000 Daylilies known by everyone well-versed in different types of flowers. Each of these different types of flower variations is unique in its way.