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Walking Fern - 25 Plants

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Walking Fern

A member of the Aspleniaceae botanical family, the Walking Fern is an ideal contributor to dark green garden foliage. Native to North America, this fern will only reach one and two feet tall. It's commonly used as a border plant because it has a unique style of leaves that slightly attract the eye while not being too demanding of your attention.

Walking Ferns are ideal for gardens.

The Walking Fern will grow in nearly any climate, making it ideal for all types of gardens, including rock gardens. It's resistant to both rabbits and deer. This versatile fern will shine in the summer and fall months. In the fall, you'll see the underside of its leaves transition to a beautiful brown hue with distinctive stripes. This lusher appearance allows this evergreen perennial to release its spores for propagation.

This non-flowering vascular plant can also go by Camptosorus Rhizophyllus and Asplenium Rhizophyllum. It contains distinctive triangular-shaped leaves that will grow up to three inches wide and over six inches long. A pair of lobes at the base of each leaf blade follows along to an elongated, pointed tip. These leaves have extreme netted venation, which adds complexity to their overall beauty.

Like many of its fern relatives, the Walking Fern will flourish in a rocky landscape. They're well known to grow directly on the rock surface and in between crevices. This makes them a great foliage filler for challenging landscapes. They thrive both in colonies and on their own.

This plant is deer-resistant and will reach a spread of up to one foot. It has a glossy appearance and feels leathery to the touch. This herbaceous perennial can tolerate moist conditions regularly and will grow in a rosulate fashion. Its stems will have a dark green hue and feel smooth.

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