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White Oak Trees

Sale price$89.99

Size 1-2'
Quantity 25 Trees

Customer Reviews

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Rocky Logan
White oak trees

Delivered as scheduled. Now will see if they will grow out here.

Helen Barrymore
White Oak Tree

I have one of this in my old farmhouse. Perfect for shades when we do family picnics.

White oak trees produce some of the most durable wood, which is why it is commonly used for flooring, furniture, and cabinets.

If you look at your landscape, you may want to plant a new tree. Why not consider the White Oak Tree? There is a myriad of reasons people love these trees.

For example, they are great for the environment because they produce oxygen from carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas many people are trying to eliminate.

This tree is also a great source of shade on a hot day. Its leaves also change color throughout the year, keeping you on your toes. The leaves start green but change to yellow and red during the fall. What do people do with a White Oak Tree?

There are several examples from the past and present.

White Oak trees have countless uses

  • This Oak also makes great wood for barrels and fence posts.
  • The wood from this tree can also be used as firewood.
  • Its bark was used to treat wounds in the past. It can be made into an antiseptic wash.
  • This tree is often strong enough to support a swing for children.
  • Many people use this tree to support a hammock so they can relax in the shade.
  • This oak tree's bark has been used to tanning leather.
  • This Oak tree can also make a beautiful Christmas card or postcard backdrop.

Ultimately, this is one of the most versatile trees around, which is why people have fallen in love with this tree. People continue to love this tree even to this day.

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White Oak Tree Is For Sale at TN Mail Order Nursery

The white Oak (Quercus alba) is a long-lived, slow-growing deciduous tree native to eastern and central North America. It can reach heights of 100 feet (30 meters) and live for up to 300 years.

White oak trees are known for their solid and durable wood, which is used in furniture, flooring, barrels, and many other products. The wood is prized for its strength, hardness, and resistance to decay.

White oak trees have large, lobed leaves that turn yellow or reddish-brown in the fall. They also produce acorns, an essential source for many wildlife species, including deer, squirrels, and birds.

These trees are also crucial to the ecosystem, providing habitat and food for various animals and insects. They are also vital to their role in the water cycle, as they help to regulate water flow and prevent soil erosion. The white oak tree is an essential and iconic species of North American forest ecosystems, valued for its beauty, strength, and ecological significance.