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Wild Plum Tree - 50 Trees

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Size 1-2'

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Greg Miller
Plum trees

Very fast delivery. Packaged good. Out of 2 trees, one tree was shy on roots. Will see later in spring.

WIld Plum Tree Prunus Americana

Thw Wild Plum Tree: Prunus americana, also known as the American plum tree, is a native tree that flourishes in most USDA growing zones. Its footprint stretches across the United States from the Canadian border to the south.

Historically, Native American indigenous people, including the people of the Cheyenne and Navajo nations, cultivated this tree for nourishment and used the branches in ceremonies.

That dual purpose rings true still today.

While some plum tree species are ornamental with fruit that's best left to the birds, the American plum tree pulls double duty. Indeed, it's both a breathtaking decorative tree and the bearer of delicious, edible plums.

The Immense Beauty of the the Wild Plum Tree

The wild plum tree is a smaller, deciduous tree that grows to a maximum height of just over twenty feet. Its branches sweep out from a single trunk, and it has a gracefully branching crown that spreads about fifteen feet wide.

The angelic white flowers have five pleasingly rounded petals that usually grow in clusters. When in full bloom, the American plum tree appears as though a blanket of snow draped itself over the branches. The blossoms last several days to a week and then give way to the fruit.

The fruit tastes slightly tart and is refreshing on the tongue. Fruits can be mauve, red, or purple. The fruit is compact and juicy. You can use it to make preserves, wine, jams, or pastries.

Wild Plum Tree Care

Wild plum trees are not fussy about the soil as long it provides adequate drainage. They love to have plenty of water, but they do not prefer standing water for an extended time.

Amending the soil with natural compost will help you grow a hardy, resilient plum tree.

Occasional pruning of any suckers that develop will train your American plum into a stately, taller shape. However, if you want a bushier appearance, you can skip the trimming. There is no right or wrong answer--it's all about the look you want to achieve.

Order Your Wild Plum Tree From TN Nursery

A wild plum tree is lovely to behold and produces deliciously tart fruit for your enjoyment. Order yours from TN Nursery today.