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 Conifers are evergreen trees. There are lots of options for using conifers in landscaping.

\For example, cedar trees are a fantastic option when you want to create a fence or natural barrier, yet want your property to remain naturally aesthetic, consider a living wall made from cedar. Cedar trees are evergreen, and their densely growing foliage makes them the perfect choice for a windbreak, screen, and noise barrier.

While confers are not drastically fast growers, you can expect to see an average of 1 - 1.5 feet of growth each growing season, and provided proper care, cedar trees have a long, healthy life. Minimal trimming is required to keep your natural fence looking its best.


Installing a fence is the perfect solution when you want a barrier to block views, reduce wind, or block out noise. Creating a fence out of pine trees is a much more cost-effective way to create that barrier while achieving the same goal. Pine trees make very useful hedges and come in an incredible range of varieties. All Pine trees are evergreen, meaning if you are in a climate with brutal winters, you will not lose the benefits of your tree screen. You will need to start with plants 10-15 feet apart, but because they are relatively fast-growing, you will have a natural barrier in no time.


Privets are the perfect plant to choose when you want to create a natural border or privacy hedge. Privet hedges are dense, come in several different varieties, and require only minimal upkeep. Depending on how you prune, they can grow very tall as well. Most varieties are tolerant of various soil conditions, needing only special considerations during their first year. Privet hedges also tolerate full sun and partial shade, making them the perfect plant for blocking noise, views, or wind from your property. Privet hedges are evergreen in most climates.

Conifers Are Lush & Green Year-Round, Provide Privacy, Wind Control and Also Look Nice No Matter The Season

Evergreen trees are famous for the superb greenery that they bring all year round, with conifers offering just that. They bring a lot as fence trees, and if you are on the hunt for affordable living conifer fence trees, you have found the right place. We offer plenty of living fence trees options for sale to suit any situation. If you want all-weather trees that provide significant growth and good landscaping options for your property, Conifer is your answer.

We at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery plant and grow evergreen conifer trees for use as living fences for all kinds of weather, making them ideally suited for any US state. We produce almost all of our living fence trees on our farms here in Tennessee (over an area of 3500 acres) and source others from high-quality growers from all over Tennessee. Hence, when you buy from us, you always get excellent quality Conifer trees at low prices.

On top of our already low prices, you can save much more with our exclusive and cheap bulk purchase pricing. We have various buy one get one free deal running from time to time and many other fantastic discounts that come into play when you purchase five or more trees, perfect when you want to plant a living fence.

Whether you want greater privacy, or aim to reduce the harmful effects of wind on your property, or wish to add a more aesthetic fence choice, we have a beautiful living Conifer fence tree for you.


One of the most popular reasons why many gardeners all around the country choose to plant an evergreen Conifer tree as a living fence is for increased privacy. They allow you to keep any prying eyes away from your property and keep it safe from any possible onlookers with ill intentions. You mostly have an unbreachable living fence around your property with conifers.

You can play around with the planting. A smaller property would mean planting shorter and less thick trees. However, planting too close to one another might make the trees compete for nutrients and light, stunting their growth.

Evergreen Conifer Trees- An Aesthetic Fencing Option

One common reason people prefer living conifer fences to artificial fences is that they do not like the look offered by the latter. Any living tree fence can easily make its metal or wooden counterparts look inferior. However, for something that packs a punch, you might need something with a great dash of color or something else that’s special. For example, Cedar Trees with their unique scent as Conifers that smell like Christmas throughout the year!

Evergreen Trees make an excellent living windbreak

Living in windy areas means having your house continuously battered by the raging weather. Sometimes it doesn’t just throw the clothes off their drying area; it also damages the home.

A great way to solve this issue is through a living tree fence that acts as a windbreak. By planting a row or more of our affordable Conifer living fence trees, what you get is a radiant barrier to the wind that breaks it up and keeps your house safe. It’s a highly effective approach that not only gives you a significant hurdle but also offers you a cost-effective to the destructive winds. Other plants and all life will benefit from your conifer windbreak. It’s a fence that won’t break and will stand tall at all times, even during the winters when its needles don’t go away like other trees.

Pro tip 1:

October and April is the best time to transplant your Conifer living fence since it is the time when they are dormant.

Pro tip 2:


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