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American Holly - 50 Seedlings

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Size 6-12"

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American Holly is the quintessential winter holiday tree. It has many other names, including Common Holly and Winterberry. The tree is native to North America, usually in the milder parts of eastern North America, but it can also be found in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras. It is a beautiful berry-producing evergreen tree that humans have used for centuries for landscaping.

American Holly Has Snake-Like Roots

It is a berry-producing evergreen tree that humans have used for centuries. The Inuit people used the berries, called "awenuk," in ceremonies and to make jams. Other Natives called it "snake root" because its roots resembled the snakes' skin. It is also thought that the Iroquois Indians used berries to treat web-footed birds infected with mumps. 

American Holly Has Been Used For Christmas Decorations

According to experts at Wikipedia, the American holly tree is one of the most commonly grown holiday trees in the United States, making up 25% of all Christmas trees sold in America. It is widely used as a street tree and has become an essential part of American Christmas. The American Holly is a beautiful tree used for centuries by humans for everything.