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Annual Phlox - 50 Plants

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Annual Phlox is an excellent Flowering Plant for any Gardener.

Annual Drummondi Phlox and its Pink, white, blue, and purple varieties can also be bi or multicolored once they bloom in the mid-late summer. With a pleasant scent, long blooming period, different sizes between two and four feet(few grow taller or shorter)with a medium growth rate, and ease of care, these low-maintenance flowers have mass appeal in the US.

Some types of Phlox need to be planted based on how many flowers are wanted, and others will spread as they grow. They need at least six hours of direct sunlight daily, but partial shade is recommended in hot climates. If compost or aged manure is added to their soil, it will help with water retention as they are heavy feeders, and adding some compost will allow significant conservation.


Annual Phlox looks Beautiful as a Border or Ground Cover with the option of a Neat and Trim look or a more Natural View as it Hangs over the Sides of Pots or Garden Edges.

Other varieties look cute as a part of a bouquet or surrounding the centerpiece in your garden. Phlox is an elegant way to add curb appeal and atmosphere to a home or garden, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, and maybe even some bumblebees may dance around and make a hive nearby. Some tiny spiders may nest among Phlox, acting as natural pest control, keeping insects and spiders out of one's home.

Phlox will make any house a home.

Phlox makes an elegant addition to any home or garden, staying in full bloom from spring nearly into the fall months before the first winter frosts.

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Tall Phlox is the Tallest Phlox in Cultivation


Tall Phlox offers an array of colors during the summer months. This plant can bloom for six weeks or longer. Some start to bloom in mid-summer, while others do not begin until late in August. Colors include white, red, purple, lavender, rose, and pink. Some are a blend of two colors with a center of another color. The flowers have five lobes and grow in clumps at the top of the plant. The plants generally get from 2 to 4 feet tall, growing upright on a stiff stem. The leaves are deep green and lance-shaped. When the stems on the plant are approximately six inches tall, pinch off all but five or six and the tips of these stems. It will allow the plant to grow more prominent clusters of blooms.

Tall Phlox is a Summer Garden Mainstay with Beautiful Blooms from July through September

Too much shade will prevent the plants from producing as many blooms, and the quality of the flowers will suffer. They should not be grown under trees or near large hedges. Competition for nutrients and moisture from the soil can cause a problem for Tall Phlox.

These plants will do well when planted in areas with good drainage and watered regularly. It is best to moisten the soil around the Tall Phlox rather than the plant itself. It helps to prevent disease. Fertilizer is recommended in the spring as new growth appears.

Mulch will help keep the soil around the plant fresh and helps to retain moisture. Tall Phlox will grow from the District of Columbia to the panhandle of Florida. When the blooms start to fade, removing the flowers will help keep the blooms you initially chose the color. It is sometimes possible to get the Tall Phlox to bloom twice by fertilizing again after the first blooms are gone.

These gorgeous flowers are adored by hummingbirds and butterflies alike, so be sure to add this flower to your landscaping if you try to attract them to your yard. The bulb comes in various colors like deep red, bubblegum pink, hot raspberry pink, peach orange, royal purple, light lavender, and bright pure white.

They can tolerate clay, loamy, or sandy soil, but make sure it drains well. The foliage can range from a bright green to dark green and grows in the pattern of an X up the plant's stem, making it very distinctive from other plants in your garden, adding interest and variety.

There is also some tall phlox with variegated foliage for the genuinely adventurous gardener. The flower heads form a cluster at the top of the plant stem, with dozens of individual five-petaled flowers. They can be cut for flower arrangements indoors if desired.

The flower's fragrance ranges from sweet to spicy, depending upon the variety you choose. You can also deadhead the flowers to encourage more blooms from the plant. They will seed if you allow the flower blooms to pollinate by bees, butterflies, or hummingbirds.

Seeds that drop from the original plant will enable the plant to spread to surrounding areas. The spread area can range from 18 to 24 inches. With so many colors and a variety of tall Phlox available, no wonder it is a favorite addition to gardeners everywhere. Be sure to add some to your landscaping today.

The bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds of your area will thank you!

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Phlox Plant thrives in zones 4 through 8

The Phlox plant is a common perennial flowering plant that blossoms well during the summer. The beauty the plant displays during the summer will leave you admiring the flowering process. The plant portrays a cluster of pink, lavender, and white flowers during summer. Also known as summer phlox, the plant grows to an average height of 3 to 4 feet tall with bright-colored petals. The plant thrives well in the native North American areas with hardiness zones of 4 to 8.

Growing Phlox at home should be done during the early days of the spring season, and choose a location that gets enough sunlight and good drainage of water. The soils should be moist and highly fertile to have success germination rate. You should apply fertilizer or compost manure during planting and continue top dressing until the plant is about to flower. It will maximize the growth rate of the phlox plant because of suitable environmental conditions. Consider watering the plant weekly until the plant stabilizes and ensures the soil remains moist all the time for maximum production.

Phlox Plant can be planted virtually everywhere.

Another essential factor to consider when growing Phlox is to prune the plant. Pruning is vital if you want to get a bushy plant with more options for flowering. It will mean that the plant won't grow tall but will grow wide with many branches, increasing the number of flowers.

Phlox plants are very useful in the home garden because of the color they depict during summer. They can be planted virtually everywhere, depending on your preference. For instance, you can have them on mass planting, meadow gardens, containers, and cut flower gardens.

You can also separate them by mixing tall-growing Phlox to make the fence and low-growing Phlox to create the landscape. The phlox plant also does well when mixed with different plants, which helps to enrich the soil. The flowers are appealing and contain a sweet fragrance that attracts people to plant Phlox. There are over five phlox plants, depending on the person's preference to choose whichever he likes.

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