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Bellflower Plants

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Syd Grey
Nice Size

These were nice sized plants. I am pleased with my order.


Planted in a pot in my house growing really good

The bellflower plant is a perennial woodland species native to eastern and central North America. Due to its early spring arrival, many gardeners include this lovely yellow flower in their landscape plans. In some U.S.D.A. growing zones, it blooms for about two weeks as early as March—a welcome sight for winter-weary eyes.

Other Names Of The Bellflower Plant

If it seems familiar, but the name doesn't sound right to your ears, you may better recognize it by one of its many names. Here are a few others:

  • Large bellwort
  • Large flower bellwort
  • Large-flowered bellwort
  • Merry bells
  • Great merry bells
  • Yellow bellwort

these nicknames come from the sunny yellow, bell-shaped flowers.

Where The Bellflower Plants Grow

As a native to lush forests across the eastern United States, the perennial prefers filtered sun to a full-shade location. However, it will accept a couple of hours of full morning sunshine despite its shade preference.

It also likes soil similar to that in the forest—lots of rich, woody material. Think about adding compost, shredded leaves, and hardwood mulch. It is an excellent companion with other forest species, such as ferns and peat moss.

Bellflower Can Tolerate Dryness

It can tolerate short periods of dryness and heat. However, it prefers well-draining soil with some moisture. Water it during hot summertime spells.

Besides optimizing these growing conditions, the Bellflower plant is self-sufficient and resilient. Once established, you will enjoy it without much intervention.

Use them in shade, rock, or a natural area. But leave space—they will soon colonize and give you lots of baby ones to dig up and use throughout your property or share with friends.

The Sunny Flowers Of The Bellflowers

The leaves are about six inches long and two inches wide, forming a pale green lance shape. They encircle the green stem and have an interesting fine white fuzz on the bottom. The cheery yellow flowers create a cone shape and then gracefully droop, forming an elongated bell shape. Each flower has six petals and emits a soft, fresh floral fragrance. The bellflower plant makes a cheerful arrival in the earliest days of spring.