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Bugleweed Plants

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Andrew Rivera
Fast Shipping

They got fast shipping and good quality

Robert Rollins

This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

Zach Lynn

They have beautiful blooms. They look great where I planted them.

Micah Jennings

They have beautiful blooms. They look great where I planted them.

Laura Evans


The Bugleweed plant spreads into dense mats of attractive foliage topped with whorls of flowers of lavender or sometimes violet (color dependent on your soil pH) that blooms from May to June. The leaves come in shades of green, purple, and cream, mottled with pink or bronze.

Bugleweed Makes A Wonderful Ground-Cover

Because it grows more comprehensively than tall, ajuga makes an excellent ground cover for its good looks and its suppression of weeds. It grows via underground stolons; its botanical name means “creeping.” It prefers moist, rich soil but can do well in dry soils. For the best foliage, put in an area with at least three to four hours of sun daily.

Bugleweed Is A Fast Growing Perennial

Bugleweed Ajuga perennial is fast and easy to grow. It needs little care and should be planted in hot and humid climates so air can circulate freely. If the ajuga becomes too crowded, it can be divided in the spring or fall, and it should be cut back when the flowers fade to highlight the beautiful foliage. Ajuga is highly sought after for weed control, to stop soil erosion, and as an attractive groundcover type.

Plant Bugleweed 6-9 Inches apart

Put them 6 to 9 inches apart when planting. Bugleweed can tolerate the depredations of rabbits and deer and can be put near black walnut trees, which often poison others. It’s an ideal type for those shady areas where few flowers with pretty blooms will grow.

Bugleweed Does Great On Slopes 

Ajuga also beautifies slopes and banks and provides lovely areas of color around shrubs and trees. It does well for gardeners who don’t want large plant areas in containers and rock gardens.

Climate Zone: 3 to 9

Mature Height: 6 to 9 inches

Mature Width: 6 to 12 inches

Sunlight: Full sun to light shade

Soil Conditions: Acid, well-drained loam

Botanical Name: Ajuga reptans

Ship As: Bare root