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Carolina Allspice Shrubs

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Size 1-2'
Quantity 25 Shrubs

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Carolina Allspice is a medium-height, deciduous, native North American bush originating in the southeastern United States. Its native range stretches from Florida to Virginia, but it can also survive in some cooler growing zones.

Carolina allspice is a lovely bush with few care requirements and an easy-to-please nature. It is drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, insect-resistant, and disease-resistant. It's also not very fussy about how much light it receives and will perform well in full sunshine or partial shade, as long as you put it in well-draining fertile soil.

Other Common Names For Carolina Allspice

You might hear gardeners refer to Calycanthus floridus by several other names, including these:

  • Bubby Bush
  • Spicebush
  • Sweet Betsy
  • Sweet Bubby Bush
  • Sweetshrub

Most of these nicknames refer to the spicy-sweet aroma that the leaves emit when torn or bruised.

Carolina Allspice Uses in Your Landscape

It is an excellent all-around bush it's attractive and requires minimal care. Here are a few ways that T.N. Nursery customers use it in their yards:

  • Butterfly or pollinator garden: The fragrant blossoms will beckon butterflies, moths, and bumblebees to feast on the nectar.
  • Urban garden: Urban community gardens plant it near their food plots to attract the same pollinators mentioned above and ensure food-growing success.
  • Foundation planting: It is lovely to plant around your home's foundation, and it will help prevent erosion.
  • Shade garden: This species works wonderfully in filtered shade and adds height to a shade garden.

Carolina Allspice Rustic Charm

It is a lovely, rustic bush with natural appeal. It can grow to almost ten feet, but you can prune it to lower the height. This bush has a spread of eight to ten feet, giving the plant enough room for growth.

The Stunning Foliage Of The Carolina Allspice

The leaves of the Carolina allspice are dark green and oval-shaped, with a pronounced tip and smooth edges. In the spring, the two-inch saucer-shaped burgundy or red flowers emerge on the stems. Each blossom has up to twenty disc-shaped petals and a pleasing fragrance.

T.N. Nursery suggests this stunning plant for anyone who wants a lovely, medium-height bush that's easy to grow. Order yours from T.N. Nursery today.