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Red Dogwood - 25 Trees

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Size 2-3'

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Jane Howard
Cherokee Chief Dogwood

Trees arrived packed well and of good size.

Cherokee Chief Dogwood Tree

Red Dogwood Tree: Over twenty species comprise the Cornus genus, including the red dogwood tree. This majestic ornamental deciduous tree heralds the welcome arrival of warm spring weather in the moderate U.S.D.A. growing zones. This beauty is a T.N. Nursery staff favorite.

The dogwood tree will reach a mature height of twenty to thirty feet, making it tall enough to provide shade without overshadowing the entire yard.

Gardeners covet the red dogwood tree for the wildly colorful spring blossom, a dazzling hue of pin-red that steals every heart. Besides showing off flamboyant blooms, the tree is drought-tolerant once established, making it perfect for those who sometimes have watering restrictions. It's also cold-tolerant and able to withstand short bouts of frigid temperatures.

The red dogwood tree is a sun lover who wants to bask in the sunshine on those first warm spring days.

The sun helps it produce those showy flowers early in the growing season; that sunny spot is a must.

It is an excellent ornamental tree that can be an understory tree near taller species, provided it receives adequate sunshine. It can also be a focal point anywhere you want a beautiful showpiece for your yard.

It likes fast-draining, woody soil. When you plant your seedling, de-compact the soil, amend it with some hardwood mulch or compost, and give it an inch of water per week.

Once its root system strengthens, a red dogwood tree will require little care from you except twice-yearly fertilizing (spring, after blooming and fall) and mulching around the base to protect the roots from the winter cold.

Red Dogwood Tree Has A Majestic Look

A central trunk breaks into multiple graceful, sturdy branches with attractive light brown bark.

The buds are among the first signs of warm weather in the spring. They open into showy, four-petalled flowers that measure as large as four inches across. Some describe the shape as a cross shape. The red dogwood tree's blossoms are jewel-toned pink-red and unmatched in beauty.

The leaves arrive after the flowers fade, bright green, oval, and up to six inches long. The canopy is beautiful.

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